zaterdag 5 november 2011

"El Bajo" (Downtown) Buenos Aires, Argentina by night. Thanks Julio for another swap! :-)

The Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. USA

zaterdag 15 oktober 2011

The skyline of Perth, Western Australia's capital city, is reflected in the Swan River at dawn. Perth is famous for being the world's most isolated city!

Sovietskaya Square in Grodno (Belarus) at night. Thanks Juliana!
Dresden, Germany, thanks Wanda! :-)

Kansas City's tall building seem dwarfed by the 217 foot tower of Liberty Memorial Museum. The museum complex is designated as America's National WW1 Museum. The tower, being the focal point of the complex offers elevator rides to the top for a birdseye view of Kansas City, Missouri USA.

The cathedral in Strasbourg by night, France. Thanks Alain!

maandag 19 september 2011

How beautiful!
Berlin (Germany), Germanmarkt mit Konzerthaus und Deutschen Dom.
Thanks Ralf :-)

Reflections of Austin, Texas USA
Thanks !

donderdag 1 september 2011

                                 Moscow (Russia), the Kremlin (1969)

                             Nightview of downtown Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

                           Nightview of Leblon, with Rodrigo de Freitas Lake.
                           Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

                              Nightview of the modern International Airport of
                              Rio de Janeiro - Brazil (1978)

zaterdag 30 juli 2011

The last village we visited was Bernkastel, a small touristic village with beautiful houses! That was our trip through Germany in postcards :-)

What a palace, so exciting, a fairytale! Ludwigsburg near Stuttgart (Germany)

While travelling through Germany we also had a stop in Rottweil, unfortunately it rained because it is such a sweet village!

The marketplace in Trier, another beautiful city :-)

From Cochem a view on the river Mosel....

We also visited the gorgeous village of Monschau in 'the Eifel area'. Here you can see the marketplace where we had a nice lunch :-)

Travelling through beautiful Germany I visited Koln, what a fantastic city!

Another great card from my postcardpal Sally in Malaysia, thanks a lot!
This card shows:
"View of Georgetown, Penang bejewelled by the city lights with its tallest building, the Komtar Tower in the city centre.
 I did a private swap with Julio in Argentina, thanks!
At this card you can see The Obelisco and 9 de julio Ave. Buenos Aires - Argentina

dinsdag 26 juli 2011

This gorgeous card from the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France was sent to me by Christina in the USA.... Thanks so much, I love it!

The Martinitower in Groningen, The Netherlands.
Thanks Bas!

The Venetian
It's as if they dropped the 'real' Venice right in the middle of the Las Vegas Strip. Incredible! Thanks Mary

The Hong Kong Laser Show
One of the world's largest shows, created by Australia's laservision & the Hong Kong Tourism Commission, is now a daily fixture of the harbour, as the city's skyline is transformed each evening into a dramatic nightscape alive with swaying search lights, buildings illuminated by a palette of electric colors, and lasers sweeping te sky!

maandag 27 juni 2011

Hotel del Coronado in San Diego, California USA
How I would love to visit this hotel once, hotel of my dreams! ;-)

A card from "mysterious" Brunei!!
*A night scene of the nation's river front capital, Bandar Seri Begawan, the seat of authority and commerce*
Thanks Alfie! :-)

Tower Bridge at night, London UK
I have been here quite often and it's another happy memory! Thanks Lucy for sending me this :-)

Waikiki fireworks
Colourful fireworks light up the night sky of Waikiki, competing in brilliancy with the evening sparkles of Honolulu.
Beautiful, thanks Glennys!!

Waikiki Beach Hotels at dusk.
Once the tropical sun goes down, Waikiki's sparkling nightlife takes center stage!
Thanks Jenny in the USA.

Viva Las Vegas!!! :-)
Great card from Dede in the USA

Novodevichy Convent ( view  from North-West)
Moscow, Russia

Taipei 101, Taiwan
once the tallest building in the world (2004 - 2010)
Thanks  Aurora!

Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada
Thanks Alana!

Erfurt, Germany
* Mariendom und Pfarrkirche St. Severi *
Thanks Melanie!

St. Stephen's Cathedral, Vienna, Austria
Thanks Thomas!

Minsk, Belarus
Thanks Olga

Warsaw, Poland
* The Grand Theatre, Old Town Mermaid, Old Town Market Square, Royal Castle *
Thanks Aga :-)

zondag 26 juni 2011

The city of Kuala Lumpur bejeweled by night is imposing in its serene beauty.... Thanks Sally in Malaysia!

Wow! The Plaza Mayor in Salamanca, Spain. It was sent to me by Giedré in Lithuania, she was on holidays in Spain. Thanks! :-)

A nightview from Finland in winter, what an amazing view if your skiing downhill here! :-)

From Lulu in Taiwan. Thanks!
"Take the Blue Highway to Neihu Technology Park, and view the skyline of technopolis Taipei."

Port of Barcelona, Spain.
Around 1994 I stayed in Barcelona for 6 weeks, I had a fantastic time so this postcard brings back sweet memories..... and funny memories.... let me share one with you, why not... While staying in Barcelona I was studying Spanish at a languageschool called Don Quijote. The languageschool also arranged an appartment for me where I was staying with 3 other students. One night, I was just there for 1 or 2 days, we (students and teachers) went into town at night to visit some clubs, we danced and had a great time. But at a certain point when we wanted to go home I couldn't remember my address, hahaha, so stupid of me! Luckily the teachers where there.... one of them went back with me to the languageschool and he searched in the school-administration to get my address.... I felt like such a fool! Ofcourse I found my way back home after this rescue (and with the help of the cabdriver... ;-))
Some things you never forget, I wonder of this teacher still remembers....

Thanks Sam for this moment! :-)
And another beauty from Germany, sent by Jana. It shows an attraction in Hannover, the old fairground of the EXPO2000. Many pavillions are still there, some of them are frequently used (for example for concerts or exhibitions) but some others are ruins.Thanks Jana! :-)
 I received this beauty from Andreas in Germany! It shows the river Elbe and the port. Love it, thanks!

dinsdag 14 juni 2011

From my dear Sue in Australia I received this amazing view! It shows Flinders Street Railway Station in Melbourne that was built in 1854. Thanks :-)

woensdag 8 juni 2011

From Lisa in Pittsburgh PA, USA I received this great nightview. It shows a view of the Cathedral of Learning on the left (it's the main building of the University of Pittsburgh) and the Heinz Chapel on the right. It's named like that since HJ Heinz donated the money to build it! Very interesting! :-)